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Following is a brief history and overview of the ProTrainer from Thomas Rylander the facilitator in Sweden for Racehorse Conditioning Systems.  Tom has been with the ProTrainer enterprise since day one in 1990.

After several years of experimenting and research of the "resistance training cart world" the Protrainer was introduced in 1990.  Stig Sundberg, who left our world in 2003 was the innovator.   During the first two years of our existence we were struggling hard to fight the ways horse people were thinking, by tradition, when it comes to training harness race horses.  Innovative thinking and open mindedness were two very unfamiliar words in Sweden those days.

Things did not get any better when some of those early buyers failed and ended up with very sore horses. This was of course due to over ambition and using the tool too tough.  But there were also those who did really well.  Success stories started to arrive at shorter and shorter intervals. The trend was set and soon demand was huge, actually more than manufacturing could cope with.

As time went by the product and the various ways to use it got better.  The weaknesses of the cart's mechanical design were identified and corrected.  Hints and training tips kept coming in from users all over Europe and is the foundation for today's "Training Tips".  Helping new operators get going properly right away without any unwanted surprises is our initial goal and it is not difficult.

Today there are over 4000 carts in operation in Europe.  A comparative few have made the Atlantic voyage.  They are used primarily by Europeans who train in the States.  There are many major ProTrainer and resistance conditioning success stories from your side of the pond and many more coming.  A number of Hambo winners, Hambo Oaks, World Trotting Derby and last but not least, Windsong's Legacy's Triple Crown victory in 2004.  In the 2006 Hambletonian Stakes, the ProTrainer was a major tool in the conditionings for ONE HALF the field and that says something for sure.

We are happy to be aligned with Racehorse Conditioning Systems as our agent representing us in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  RCS is fully equipped to deliver carts, parts and good customer service.  We are also of course pleased that through the alliance with RCS that our new vision includes presenting the conditioning values of the ProTrainer to other racehorse and performance disciplines.

Thank You

Thomas A. Rylander CEO

Stall Berg AB

Nyland Sweden