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The prevailing request in visiting with our perspective clients is "Tell us how to integrate Heart Monitors and Resistance Carts in a training operation". The New Training Tips will help get us started.

Stig Sundberg, founder of Sweden's Innovations NA and Inventor of the ProTrainer was on target and years ahead of his time. But where he stopped is not the end...IT IS THE BEGINNING!

If you read the original training tips translation in our website you will like this version better. It still accurately relates the ideas and exercises but we have added information and more Americanized the language. It is now our job to broaden the understanding and increase the potential.

Soon we will ahare with you two more articles highlighting even more ways to integrate Resistance Conditioning and Heart Monitoring into your operation. And, explain in layman's terms still more about Racehorse Exercise Physiology.

At the Standardbred Horse Sale in Harrisburg ’07, while considering a heart monitor and resistance cart, one respected owner commented to his trainer, “I think we see the future of conditioning racehorses in North America".

It’s about working in zones with the heart monitor and making it easier on the horse with a resistance cart”.

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