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Racehorse Conditioning Systems' expertise in understanding and using Lactate Analysis is presently quite limited and we are not alone. It's perceived that globally there are but a handful of people in the horse training world who understand what, when, where, why and how to analyze lactate from a horse conditioning perspective. Even more importantly then is applying the information in a training program. For years in the horse world the primary reason for lactate analysis has been to help determine severe sepsis in a very sick horse by a veterinarian.

Here are 6 basic benefits of Lactate Analysis from a horse training perspective. There are more...stand by.

1. An additional way to measure the effectiveness of a training program.

2. To help identify changes in certain muscle fibers and ratios i.e. slow twitch fibers to fast twitch fibers and visa-versa.

3. To plan different training intensity zones.

4. To control workout intensities and make appropriate adjustments.

5. To help identify recovery after a race or intense workout.

6. To access pre and post race and workout glycogen situations.

To assist us in the development of lactate analysis for racehorses we are assembling a team:

Juerg Feldman of FaCt Canada and Andrew Sellars MD of FaCT Education are based in British Columbia. Juerg and Andrew provide lactate analysis information and education to many world class athletes. Runners, cyclists, cross country skiers and hockey players benefit from their expertise.

In conjunction with FaCT Education we hope to conduct seminars sharing their ideas and equating them to racehorses. FaCT Canada also has a very powerful electronic forum which we hope to employ to share ideas and answer questions as we move forward. FaCT Canada's foundation is the very 21st Century approach of the Central Governor Model. FaCT is also the Distributor of the Lactate Pro in the US and Canada. RCS is their Dealer to the Racehorse market in US and Ca.

Leonarda Seesing, Equigym and Equigym Fusion has been developing high levels of Lactate Analysis applications and other high-tech contemporary tools in training racehorses for years. Leonie is an extremely bright horse person and renown for her business acumen, direct communication skills and willingness to share ideas.

Marc-Andre Blouin, a Thoroughbred Trainer with a Harness background based in Ontario Canada has been training successfully using lactate analysis as one of his tools. Marc is also a very astute racehorse nutritionist. We hope that Marc will be open to share his ideas and provide input in the development using LA and the Lactate Pro.

Claire Leleu is a DVM and PhD from France. Although she is not yet at all committed to our enterprise and focus, she and her significant other have developed a solid understanding of ways to use Lactate Analysis from a traditional Cardiovascular/Anaerobic Model perspective. We hope to visit again with Claire soon and team up for mutual benefit.

We are networking continually to identify people and concepts to build a greater understanding of the wonderful potential of understanding lactate data for training racehorses.

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