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Racehorse Exercise Physiology Seminars

This course will be conducted December 4-6, 2009 at Mohawk Racetrack and Inn , Cambellville Ontario Canada in conjunction with FaCT Education of British Columbia Canada and Racehorse Conditioning Systems Inc. of Albrightsville Pennsylvania. 

The multi-focus program will concentrate on 21st Century racehorse exercise physiology and bio-chemistry basics, laid out in terms which laypeople can understand.  The program will focus on applying physiologic theories to real world testing and training situations. 

“We are not teaching racehorse exercise physiology. We are sharing means of testing racehorse physiology, with a basic understanding of the physiology behind the tests, and in-depth discussions of how the tests can be applied to any training program .”

Presentation and discussion topics will include:

* Finding a deeper understanding of aerobic (oxygen dependant) and anaerobic (oxygen independent) muscle fiber development…it’s not rocket science.

* We’ll discuss the new understanding of lactate as potential fuel source for working muscles, and how we can use lactate information to help test fitness and set training intensities. 

* You will learn simple and safe testing methods for measuring lactate and understanding the Lactate Balance Point (LBP) system.

* You will be introduced to quick and easy tests you can periodically perform to help measure fitness, with easy to use software specifically designed to help with data interpretation.  You will have the foundation for creating your own performance-line tests.  These “Fit-Lines” are valuable tools for more in-depth evaluation of a horse’s overall development.

* You will learn more about when, why, how and how often to monitor a racehorse’s heart rate.  You will also learn about the newest technology in measuring speed, and use this in combination with the horse’s heart rate information.

* Transferring the information to your computer for in-depth analysis can be easy. You will learn about the Polar Heart Rate Monitor System, The Lactate Pro Analyzer and FaCT software.  We will discuss how to build an inexpensive and portable, testing lab using these tools. 

* Other topics of discussion:
The Central Governor Model for Racehorse Performance
Resistance Conditioning
Glycogen Depletion / Refueling
Spleen Dumping. We have new information on spleen dumping and are evaluating a new tool to measure blood oxgen content during training and racing. We may have the tool available for REPS at Mohawk.

Course Conductor:

Dr. Andrew Sellars M.D. is the director of FaCT-Education and Head Coach for the Balance Point Racing Team. He has extensive experience with bringing the science of physiology into the heads and hands of coaches across Canada and the U.S. His recent work has led to the development of the equine equivalent of the FaCT Lactate Balance Point test, which has over the past 20 years revolutionized training programs for human athletes.

Andrew says, “We look forward to sharing the newest understanding of lactate as a potent biomarker to help with exercise and training prescriptions.  Our hands-on approach to the testing of horses is not difficult.  I bring expertise in training humans and using the tools.  You all have the expertise training racehorses.  We are building some very interesting bridges.”

Course Coordinator:

Joe Geiser, harness horse trainer and CEO of Racehorse Conditioning Systems.

Joe says, “This course can be for everybody and anybody who trains performance horses.  You just need to think outside the box and accept the idea of going back to school a little bit…this will be fun and for sure we’ll all learn a lot.”


Friday December 4, 2009:       

5pm to 9pm - Lecture and Classroom Discussion in the Champion Room at The Mohawk Inn.

Saturday December 5, 2009:

7:30am Continental breakfast at the Inn. Full breakfast is available from the menu.          

9:00am to 11:30am - On track LBP field testing at Mohawk.

12:30pm - Working lunch at the Inn or a conference room at the track (TBD).

1pm to 5pm - Field test LBP evaluations and group discussions.

7pm - Group Dinner and discussions most likely at Mohawk Inn.

Sunday December 6, 2009: 

7:30am – Continental breakfast at the Inn

8:30am to noon - Concluding discussion

The program cost is $500.00 payable by check or Visa/MasterCard. Attendance is limited so act now. 

Whether you train 2 or 200 horses you will gather practical ideas for day to day applications.

The Mohawk Inn is a horsman's hotel. It's not fancy but the rooms are adequate and the food is good and ample. Our group rate is $69 which includes continental breakfast.  A work through dinner Friday night and lunch Saturday is in the $500 course fee.  You are responsible for your travel and the Saturday evening Dutch treat group dinner.

For Mohawk Inn information click: or call 905-854-2277. To make your reservation mention my name or REPS.

To discuss more details or enroll please call 1 570 722 2658 or e-mail to

The agenda is full and covers a lot of information.  There will be significant value for a small but highly motivated group of racehorse trainers.

Thank You

Joe Geiser Pres/CEO
Racehorse Conditioning Systems Inc.
PO Box 130 – 24 Old Stage Road
Albrightsville, PA 18210