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ProtrainerAthletic II

Using resistance is fundamental in any conditioning program to build strength which relates to speed and the ability to stay at top speed for longer durations. In addition to strength and stamina, prudent application of resistance can help in the development and maintenance of lean muscle mass, bone density and healthy connective tissue. With intelligence and patience you can make a cheap cripple worth more, a good horse better and a better horse great.

The best, easiest and most cost effective tool for adding resistance to your training program is a Swedish ProTrainer or a Finnish Athletic II resistance cart. Both are the most comfortable carts you’ll ever drive for every day use.

With the push of a pedal or turn of a dial, you can apply just the right amount of resistance for the correct period of time. With a little study, exploration, patience and thinking outside the box you can determine the right amount of resistance and the correct period of time for your operation and each horse.

Proper applications of resistance can mean less time on the track and time is money. By reading on you can read a series of Essays for ideas and more information.

Please click the above links for visuals on the ProTrainer and Athletic II. When our present inventory is sold the prices will probably increase. We have 1 demo and 1 used unit available at discount now.

Regardless of the focus of your operation, from getting babies ready to race or improving older horses, now is the time to get started for the 2009 season. You can build strength with a resistance cart and see the difference in 60 to 90 days. So build more strength, save time and improve your bottom line starting now.

Adding the use of a heart monitor and lactate analyzer allows you to even better condition specific muscle fibers: aerobic, slow twitch, oxygen dependant muscle fibers for endurance and anaerobic, fast twitch, oxygen independent muscle fibers for top-end speed when you need it and more than once in a race.

Polar Heart Monitors
It takes seconds to hook-up the new Polar CS 600. You will see the heart rate while the horse is working and you can store exercise results in your computer.

Heart monitoring racehorses at work opens a whole new world of learning and winning potential. Use a Polar CS600 with a resistance cart but it's also very effective when used with a jog cart and training bike.
One of our clients says, “If you’re not using a heart monitor on the track, you might as well stay in the barn. With out a horse heart monitor on my horses while they are working I am leaving too much to chance and perception. Sometimes things are happening both good and bad that I wouldn’t know without seeing the beats per minute and reviewing the workouts.”
A complete basic setup is $560.

Lactate Pro Analyzer
Using a lactate analysis tool helps you better pinpoint the transition from aerobic (oxygen dependent) to anaerobic (oxygen independent) muscle fiber development specific to each horse. Conducting regular lactate level tests is easy.

Lactate and Lactic Acid are often confused to be the same thing but that is not so. Read the Essays and you will discover the differences.

Lactate is a valuable fuel and the systems can produce more. Our job is to measure the amount of lactate and how it increases and decreases. Another reason then to analyze lactate is it to determine the amount of fuel available and work to increase the amount and the flow rate.

Following is an analogy using a bath tub and flowing water in and out to help understand analyzing lactate.

"Water going into the tub is the muscles producing lactate. Water draining from the tub is the lactate being taken up by the non-working muscles, and other muscles with well-developed mitochondria and the enzymes responsible for the transport across the cell membranes. The view of the bathtub through the bathroom window is the Lactate readings we examine.

We can not see the flow of water in, or the flow of water out. We can only see the level of water in the tub, and how it is changing over time, if we take the time to observe the "trend" in water levels. We then capture the dynamics.

A single look at the tub, does not tell us whether the level is rising or falling, we need subsequent samples at a given flow rate to see what's happening."
We thank Andrew Sellars MD of FaCT Education, British Columbia CA for sharing the above analogy. RCS is teaming-up with the FaCT organizations while considering ideas to blend human and horse conditioning methodology. Our plans include conducting seminars for horse trainers exploring the potential...stay tuned.

The tool of choice for effective lactate analysis is our Lactate Pro.
You can get started for less than $500.

For more information and opportunities to study these contemporary conditioning ideas click below to read our ever growing list of articles and essays. We suggest you pay particular attention to "Not a Mystery - Resistance Conditioning". If you have read it before, read it again...
New Information.

Click here to go to our New Essay’s page.

If you want to communicate and explore ideas one-on-one please call me a call at 570-722-COLT (2658) 7 days a week. You can also e-mail your questions and contact information to Your information is confidential and our sales approach is low key. Click here for our Privacy Policy.

Please understand we are not telling you how to train your horses, that's your job. Our goal is to help us better understand the valuable conditioning tools and ideas we offer.

Thank you and let's make 2009 the best ever.

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