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Hambo Land

No doubt every trainer, in the US and Canada at least, has shared the dream, if only momentarily, to get a trotter to the Hambletonian level if not in the race itself. For many it will always be "Just a Dream". A dream becomes a goal when it is written. All one needs then is a plan.

If you have had the dream but don't have a plan. Here's one that may work for you. It is not the only plan for sure and it probably won't work for every trotter trainer, but it is working for some. Wanna get to HAMBO LAND?
1. Arrange funding and buy some nice trotter yearlings.
2. Be or become a very good horse (wo)man.
3. Buy or lease a Pro Trainer and follow the path of some great Hambo Trainers and own the wisdom of "Training Tips".
4. Consider adding whey protein and maltodextrin to your horse's diets.
5. Monitor the horse's vital signs especially the heart rate while the horse is working.
6. Play with the ROBICS: Anaerobic & Aerobic.
7. Build strong horses to develop winning horses.
8. Read and work between these lines hard and smart.
9. Say your prayers and we better start saying them at step 1.
10. Stay Positive and Focus.

Fifty percent of the horses in Hambletonian '06 were conditioned with a ProTrainer. Since 1985 thirty five percent of the Hambo winners and thirty percent of the Hambletonian Oaks winners were conditioned with resistance training carts. THE ProTrainer IS A MAJOR TOOL IN A MAJOR ARENA!!!

ALERT-ALERT-ALERT Do not limit your thinking to just trotters and the Hambo Land. The ProTrainer is an equally effective conditioning tool for pacers. The myth that a resistance cart will hurt pacers is just that a myth. So lets go play at the Jugville too!!! Just ask Jimmy Takter how he conditioned Mr Feelgood for the '06 Little Brown Jug.