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Logical - If a horse could lift weights would you help develop it's strength and muscle structure with a weight lifting program? Of course you would!

Do you believe that training a racehorse on hills is a good thing? With a Resistance Cart, you have hills on wheels and by applting various degrees of pressure you control the steepness and the lengths of the hills.

Beneficial through lower velocities - Train FOR speed NOT with speed. Go slower and get excellent results.

What would less concussion on your horses legs mean over the course of time? When adding heart monitoring you can set specific targets for specific work.

Easy to use - If you can hook up a jog cart you can hook up the ProTrainer. Adjusting the pressure is a snap. The speedometer adds a new dimension to your conditioning techniques.

Cost Effective - Success with only one horse may pay for a resistance cart. In fact some units have been purchased for the very reason...for just one horse. Unfortunately, in some of those instances that's where the use has stopped and the resistance cart now sits in the back of the stable collecting dust. We buy used unwanted carts when we find one.

The wise trainer however has identified the value and now use it for many more horses in their stable. Many will not blink an eye to spend $5000 for a race bike, but balk at $4995 for a tool that really can make a difference...go figure. Actually, figure this, a 10 horse stable using the ProTrainer on a regular basis the cost can work out to pennies a day.

Durable - Our Resistance Carts will last a lifetime. Their rugged design and quality weather resistant finishs will withstand the most rigorous use, applications and conditions.

Versatile - A Resistance Cart is not intended to change the way you train horses. It is merely another tool. It can be used in the traditional ways focusing on long slow miles to build endurance and stamina. Endurance (aerobic) slow twitch, muscle fibers are addressed from 150 to 170 beats per minute. If you know where you are working, the job gets done most effectively.

If you want to help build strength, then work the horse with the heart rate over 200 beats per minute. This anaerobic conditioning can be achieved with a resistance cart at much slower speeds.

We are now discovering new and exciting ways to use the tool at higher speeds. This tool in the hands of the progressive and innovative trainer is limited only by imagination and desire.

Productive and Profitable- Productivity and profitability are the foundation of all 21st Century business operations. After 60 days of using a resistance conditioning cart you will see the productivity with your own eyes. An effective resistance cart conditioning program will come in profitable degrees. Make a $5,000 claimer a $10,000 claimer, a $10,000 claimer an Open horse. Take your hot 2 year old stakes horse to the Hambletonian or the Little Brown is all a matter of degrees!!!

Bad weather conditions may become less of a training problem. You can train more safely and effectively regardless of what Mother Nature brings or your special limitations such as a small track or no track at all, but just a country road.

A Horse with Issues and the Convelescing Horse - Per Eriksson, a true pioneer of resistance cart conditioning, built Prakas on with resistance. "I knew he was a special horse but he had terrible knees. My usual training techniques would just not cut it. I heard about the Victory pressure cart, the forerunner to the ProTrainer, and convinced my owner to take a chance. That opened up a whole new world of training for me".

You may have a horse in your stable, you believe is ready for retirement. It's quite possible, with resistance conditioning and heart rate monotoring you may still have a money maker and just don't know it. With a resistance cart there are more development options and perhaps unlimited potential.

The Hard Puller
- Learn to walk then merely apply some pressure (30 - 40 bar) on and 30 or 60 seconds off. Do that 20 times every other day.

Another approach with the Pro Trainer for the hard puller is warm up for 5 minutes, turn and do consecutive miles at 15mph with no pressure. When the horse begins to relax go another half or one mile for reinforcement. Do the same exercise the next day.

Remember there may be some horses that just won't get it. Those that don't may throw their heads around foolishly, get goofy gaited and generally jump out of their skins. Per said, "With these horses it may be better to stick to your other methods."

Comfort - You may spend a lot of time on the resistance cart. The Ergonomic Designs gives you a pleasing feel. Walking, jogging or getting some speed you are assured of comfort . For us "old timers" it may even be therapeutic.


When using a resistance cart, do not over check the horse!

Too much pressure, too soon with too much speed will cause soft tissue injuries.