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Polar Heart Monitors

Resting Heart Rate

What is the RHR for each of your horses?  The RHR is a real measure of what is going on inside the horse. 

With the NEW Polar CS600 it is easy to get the resting heart rate; just position the Wear Link Belt, snap in the Transmitter, push the red button on the CS600 and you'll see the HR. Push the button a second time and you are recording. You could record for 5 minutes, 5 hours or overnight. The transmission signal travel up to 30 feet.

Have you ever wondered how a horse really feels when being transported? With the CS600 you can record an entire trip.

It is easy to do it regularly.  The information is valuable and you can review and store it in your computer.  There are also fields in the POLAR Software to key in body temperatures and lots of other data. 

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