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Many trainers check the pulse at a specific time after the workout, 5, 8, 10 or 12 minutes after the bout of exercise. Thats fine although substantially incomplete and of marginal value. How do you account for the variables such as temperature, humidity, time, actual intensity of the workout, etc? Post-workout heart rate checks are a very small tip of a huge iceberg of knowledge.

With a PolarCS600 you can easily identify, record and re-call all of that information from the workout. You could also analyze heart rate recovery between intervals of specific work.

What is the heart rate reduction during a recovery/rest period, be it 30, 60, 90 seconds of reduced intensity? After 30 days do the same exercise program again and compare the results. Recovery in those rest periods is one item you can evaluate and use to tailor a program to a specific horse.

If you are using a Resistance Cart what was the pressure level? What were the atmospheric conditions, the speed throughout the work, the exact time for the interval?

With the Polar CS600 you see all this and much more, while it is happening. And, all of this information is recorded for an easy download on your computer... evaluate, store and retrieve. It's the Polar System.