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Welcome to RCSWINS/Heart Monitors

The idea of monitoring racehorses heart rates while working out is not new. Probably what we know about this science today will be paled by what we will know in the future. Its all about building endurance while developing the speed systems of the horses we condition.

In the scope of human heart rate training for athletic competition there are myriad approaches to use heart rate monitors for cardiovascular conditioning. All methods and approaches are totally clear on one thing, the importance of cardiovascular training and using heart rate as a feedback and training tool is fundamental and essential. Serious human athletes who train for a cardio-intensive sports monitor heart rates every day and all the time..

What distinguishes human training from racehorse training is that heart rate monitoring has not reached the point of being a standard cardiovascular training tool in the race horse world. Heart Rate Monitors employed in athletic training is fundamental to winning for humans, why not in Racehorse Training?

The CS600 easy to use, accurate and reliable. Installing the software to store, review and analyze workouts is a snap.

Please click through the links above to broaden your understanding of the value of monotoring your horses WHILE they are working. And discover the ease, acccuracy and reliablity of the new Polar CS600.

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