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Welcome to RCSwins.com...

Our job is not to tell you how to train your horses. Our opportunity is to help all of us learn, understand, employ and benefit from these powerful tools

Our three primary products presently are resistance carts, heart monitors and lactate analyzers.

These tools and systems are not new, but never before has there been in depth research for applications which combine their advantages and values nor, a more complete evaluation and presentation of their benefits.

As time passes we hope the site will also become a platform for sharing tips on ways to use and success stories about resistance conditioning and monitoring working heart rates. Just a bit more scientific information available to you and a tool that gives you many new options for work without needing so much speed. This is all very logical, and very, very powerful.


Our site will forever be a work-in-progress. What we know today about this "stuff" is but the tip of the iceburg. We will garner successes and success stories. To that beginning we have a NEWS link so when it happens you will know about it.

This website is easy to use. For some basic ideas and applications of our resistance conditioning and heart monitoring tools you can click into the below links.

The Resistance Carts link provides to you with information to consider about the why's and how's for using a resistance conditioning cart.

The Users link tells howtop harness trainers use a resistance cart. Soon we will share more user success stories and new ideas for applications.

Heart Monitors: Monitoring our performance horses heart rates while at work is the next frontier in equine exercise physiology. Polar is the “best game in town” when considering downloadable horse heart monitors.

Lactate Analyzers: The Lactate Pro is an inexpensive easy to use tool that helps you determine the volume and movement blood lactate. Lactate, not to be confused with lactic acid, is not an enemy it's fuel. To learm more make sure you read our articles in the Education Papers link.

Nutrition focuses on products addressing the values of quickly absorbed whey proteins and pure carbohydrates. Stey tuned as there will be many new products becoming available from our shelves,

Prices Cost effectiveness and Return on Investment are paramount. With basic evaluation you will discover that CE and ROI are positive. We also have leasing options for you.

Now through applying new levels of science to equine exercise physiology a whole new palette of color is available to the artist... The Creative Racehorse Trainer of the 21st Century. In the short time of developing our story for the new Pro Trainer we find that the top trainers are very, very creative and artists in their own right.

Let's exercise this creativity, for you Trotter Trainers... Do you wanna play in Hamboland? Click here!