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Custom Multiflex North American Custom Speed Master Custom Brochure PDF

The Custom Speed Master

The Speed Master is a revolutionary training bike designed for high speed workouts. It has the look and feel of a race bike and the safety and comfort of a jog cart.

With shorter shafts and wider arch the Speed Master acts like a race bike and with an air suspension high backed seat it feels like a jog cart. With the Speed Master's all steel construction and wrap-around design its safety and durability are unparalleled.

* Introduced at Harrisburg 2008.

* Growing Customer List
* Jimmy Takter Stable
* Erv Miller Stable
* Greg Wright Harness Racing
* Chad Milner Racing

* Ross Croghan - Equine Racing
* Old Stage Racing
* Johansson Stable
* Team JC Racing
*...the list is growing

"If you train a lot of horses use Speed Masters. If you're pretty much jog and race, save your money."

"The Speed Master is especially good for training young horses."

"Using a jog cart for speed training is limiting and using a race bike is often not safe. The Speed Master gives me all I want and need."


A 36 month lease is available with 2 or more units.

Please call 570-722-2658 for more details or to place your order.

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