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We now have three tools to assist the racehorse trainer to help develop their athletes.

RCS' job is not to tell you how to train your horses. Our opportunity is to help all of us learn, understand, employ and benefit from these powerful tools

Hydraulic Resistance Conditioning Carts.
Of course in the Harness World a horse pulling a cart is fundamental and many top trainers use a resistance cart and more are catching on to the true potential. In the Thoroughbred World, to many the notion of having a racehorse pull a cart is almost sacrilegious. Well guess again it's not new news and with a bit of creativity, patience and organization you may open up a whole new potential of building a better, longer lasting, sounder racehorses with a resistance cart. You have two choices for a resistance cart, The Swedish Innovations ProTrainer ay $4995 and the Finnish Athletic II at $4595.

Heart Rate Monitoring Systems
We now have systems that take only seconds to hook up which also record workouts for computer evaluation and comparison. A Polar CS600 for a harness hookup and the RS800 for a t-bred are less than $600.

Latcate Analyzer
Lactate analysis for racehorses is an entirely new frontier of incredible potential. In human training it's fundamental. We are developing an indepth understanding of how and why to use lactate analysis. The Lactate Pro is available with a starter test strip package for less than $500.

Our goal is to help you hit the TARGET.

It is also RCS' focus to help build the bridge between horse and human training philosophies and methodologies. Some say, "You can't train a horse like you train a human".

Be honest, what are your reasons other than CAN'T?
I don't know how? It's too much work? I don't want too? Just give me a needle with whatever chemistry is in vogue, I'm late for lunch?

Success Comes in Cans, Not in Cant's.